With so many CBD products and brands coming to the fore, it has become very tricky to find the right ones. To get the health benefits without any unwanted effects or illegal ingredients, you have to ensure you know who manufactures the product, if it has been tested, if you can trust the source and supplier of the product.

XS Health has 6 credible brands with over 120 products in the pharmaceutical industry and strive that all our products meet the gold standard in pharmaceutical quality.

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard is a global one and it’s a standard that all food, dietary supplements, drugs and cosmetics (there are separate ones for the different product categories) are held to in order to ensure consumer safety.

WITH ZOLOC we manufacture in a fully certified Pharmaceutical facility with all the needed licenses and certificates which are referred to as GMP:

1. Safe products that are THC free. This means no psychoactive effects.

2. Are certified by a 3rd party laboratory so you’re getting what the bottle says.

3. Quality and consistency. This means manufacturing our products in GMP certified facilities to ensure the CBD is extracted from the highest quality plants. The extract used is then standardised and tested for quality and strength and undergoes microbial, heavy metal and other tests before being certified.

Our GMP facilities ensure that the claims we make, are in fact true. All of our batches are numbered with an expiry date so Oil Science, and our customers, are able to hold the GMP facility accountable.

It also allows us to formulate a variety of products based on Doctor Prescriptions and know that it’ll be created to our exact specifications.